"Camera Trap". AR art work for Kunstwanderweg XR, Naturpark Hoher Fläming, Germany 2023 (permanent installation)


Text from Kunstwanderweg XR´s webpage, by Micaela Cecchinato:

"Tina Willgren places a virtual camera trap deep in the woods and lets us encounter a creature we can hardly identify. It does look alien to us but it does not feel threatening. The texture of its skin is quickly noticable: It seems like a visual summary of its surroundings - of bark, moss, ferns, stones and even typical conservation signs commonly used in German nature parks. There are plenty of clues, but what do they all add up to? Just what is the identity of this being? And perhaps even more important, why does it bother us so much not being able to label this being?

Willgren´s artwork addresses the human obsession with trying to uncover, name and classify the secret life of the woods and offers more questions than answers, and this is precisely why "Camera Trap" is so captivating."